Westbanker discovered at Eastbank party, arrested

Westbanker discovered at Eastbank party in New Orleans, arrestedDon Kiebels
New Orleans Westbanker discovered at Eastbank party, arrested

Despite trying his best to fit in, Delery Mitchell of Harvey was arrested after providing false information to the hosts of a party held in Uptown New Orleans.

A Westbank man attending a party was taken into police custody last night after claiming he lived on the Eastbank.

Delery Mitchell, 26, of Harvey, is accused of providing false information to the hosts of a party held in Uptown New Orleans, telling them he was a resident of Mid-City.

Amber Sosa, one of the party’s hosts, said she initially became suspicious of Mitchell when the party’s conversation moved toward the New Orleans Saints and Mitchell mentioned catching the last game at Vinnie’s Sports Bar & Grill in Gretna.

“I immediately knew something was off about this guy when he started talking about Gretna. I mean, who does that? No one from the Eastbank. That’s when I called the police,” said Sosa.

New Orleans police officer Lt. Austin Meade arrived on the scene and spoke with Mitchell, who did not have any identification and said his home was located on Mid-City’s “Bank Street.” However, after running Mitchell’s name and information through his database, the officer made an interesting discovery.

“I already had a feeling he was lying, but when Dispatch advised me they could not locate anyone there with any of his information I asked him again and he replied with the same mispronounced street name.”

Lt. Meade searched Mitchell’s vehicle, where he found a cup from Gretna Heritage Festival, several receipts from Oakwood Mall, a hat from Honey’s Pool Parlor, and residue on the windshield from a removed Toll Tag holder.

When Lt. Meade informed Mitchell of the results, the man identified himself as a Westbanker. He said he originally claimed to be from Mid-City as he identifies more with the area than he does with Harvey, feeling like an “Eastbanker trapped in a Westbanker’s body,” according to the police report.

Mitchell was promptly removed from the property and then arrested.

“Ever since they removed the toll booths it’s been getting worse with a flood of Westbankers. You can’t trust a transbanker,” said Sosa.

“He seemed so normal. But the way he misrepresented himself to us all so he could attend our Eastbank party is despicable. It’s going to take me a long time to trust anyone again.”

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