Metairie’s Transcontinental Drive says it has felt like a “continent from conception,” not a street

Metairie's Transcontinental Drive recognized by United Nations as world's eighth continentDon Kiebels

Taking the world by complete surprise, the United Nations today announced it has recognized Transcontinental Drive in Metairie, Louisiana as the eighth continent in the world, joining longtime favorites Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

Transcontinental Drive, a heavily trafficked road in the heart of Metairie, claims to have long identified with continents as opposed to streets, saying it should have been a continent from conception.

“It’s truly liberating to finally be seen by the world as I truly feel, and to be recognized as such,” said Transcontinental Drive, which will now be going by the name Middle America. “I never quite felt comfortable as a street and knew I needed to make a change after essentially living a lie for decades.”

Middle America, which was added to the United Nation’s official list of continents, is now the world’s smallest continent and will continue its day-to-day life—only recognized in a different form.

“We know how difficult it has been for Middle America over the years, appearing on maps as a street when in its heart it felt and knew it was a continent. Sometimes what you see isn’t always what is really there,” United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said.

“That’s why we are extremely proud and honored, to give full recognition and rights to Transcontinental Drive as the world’s eighth continent, furthermore known as Middle America.”

All world maps will reflect the change beginning next year.