Finding New Orleans Crossword

1. Married Ricky Williams.
2. Could be found at 1829 Tulane.
3. Where you could taste the difference.
4. Can be both delicious and devastating.
5. If you saw him, he'd... Let 'em have it.
6. Raises taxes but doesn't pay 'em.
7. 28 to 3.
8. Count on 'em not working during storms.
9. Worry About Your Meat.
10. Airport code for New Orleans International Airport
11. Betcha know where you got 'dem shoes.
12. Owns the Atlanta Falcons.
13. I'm just a ........, nobody loves me.
14. Driving to this part of NOLA is a dreaded by many.
15. Ain't no place to do this on Mardi Gras day.
16. Bald white guy who would say New Or lee ans.
17. An incredible, favorite brewery of NGN on Tchoupitoulas Street
18. The first NBA team for New Orleans.
19. What locals almost always have to do to their water.
20. Where you could watch the Submarine Races.