Woman shoots ex-husband in balls after he tried to take her air conditioner

Woman shoots ex-husband in penis boobies after he tried to take her air conditionerPrawny

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looks like it could be satire but it’s really, seriously, and sadly not.

Living in the South, we all know that heat can make people cranky — but messing with someone’s air conditioner can make a person completely lose their cool. We also know that Florida is one of the looniest places with the craziest of news. Mix the two together and you get this ball of fun.

Florida resident Kimberly Dunn, 35, shot her ex in the wrinkle purse when her husband and his brother came to her home last year to take possession of an air conditioning unit she had. The woman first unsuccessfully tried using a fashionably cute, pink stun gun on her ex and then went nuts on his nuts by grabbing a handgun and taking aim at Tom, Dick, and Harry.

Dunn told authorities she did not mean to shoot her husband in the giblets, who she was in the process of divorcing at the time of the incident, but just wanted to scare him. The man’s traumatized testicles, which are said to be attending therapy sessions for the physical and emotional scarring, noted: “Mission f*ckin’ accomplished.”