Feeling Lucky? ‘Boomer Roulette’ Rolls as Latest Social Media Challenge

Move over skydiving, bungee jumping, and Tide pod eating, there's a new adrenaline-inducing activity the world by storm in the form of a social media challenge called "Boomer Roulette."Rodnae

Move over skydiving, bungee jumping, and Tide pod eating, there’s a new adrenaline-inducing social media challenge only the bravest are attempting.

It’s called “Boomer Roulette,” and, instead of snapping a standard selfie, it involves perilously asking a Baby Boomer to take your individual or group photo.

The unsettling social media challenge requires nerves of steel and a willingness to take a gamble on whether your photo will turn out decently or be forever ruined by a finger blocking the lens, heads being clipped entirely out of the picture, or finding front camera surprises waiting in your photo album.

A ‘jackpot’ outcome of taking a roll with Boomer Roulettte for Gen Zer Mikey Gordon and friends, cut off heads on a misaligned shot.

Though, Boomer Roulette is not for the faint of heart.

Members of Gen Z, the catalysts behind this growing social media challenge, are risking everything for social media clout by entrusting the sacred task of capturing memories to a generation that still prefers the Jitterbug over a smartphone.

The social media challenge is said to cause an adrenaline rush similar to what one would experience when cage diving with sharks or answering the door at home when someone unexpectedly knocks but can also be profoundly overwhelming for others. Some hesitant Gen Zers seeking social media clout have even reported losing sleep over the prospect of Boomer Roulette.

“It’s hella nerve-wracking but I’ve never felt more alive, except for the time I did the Penny Challenge and saw Marc Jacob’s Heaven,” said one self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie. “It’s like opening up Tik Tok, you never know what’s gonna pop up next.”

The trend is causing some serious drama on social media. Some Gen Zers are saying it’s the ultimate high, while others are calling it straight-up insane. Meanwhile, many Baby Boomers are still unaware of what’s going on.

“The newspaper hasn’t had anything on it (Boomer Roulette) and a copy is delivered to my door every morning,” said Thurman Kaiser, 74.

Still, other Baby Boomers who have unknowingly participated in the challenge have voiced excitement over the action.

“I love when people talk to me and need my help instead of asking if I’m lost,” said Felix Fernandez after successfully taking a group photo without accidentally recording a video of his own face. “It’s like I’m a kid again, taking photographs with my ol’ Kodak Brownie.”

A Baby Boomer asked to take a picture of an anonymous Gen Zer and the squad instead captures a photo of himself during a roll of Boomer Roulette.

Despite the widespread popularity of this new social media challenge, not all Gen Zers are thrilled with Boomer Roulette.

“OMG, I asked my grandpa to snap me and the squad at the beach, but he totally flipped the camera to selfie mode and started taking a bunch of pics of his own face! It was cringe,” said one traumatized Gen Zer who wished to remain anonymous unless paid their customary social influencer fee, and Neutral Ground News don’t play that. “Bet, I totally lost that roll. At least that epic fail won’t end up on my socials.”

Is Boomer Roulette worth the risk? That’s up to each gambler. One thing is for sure, it’s one of the hottest social media challenges since Tik Tok star Ava Loise began the ‘coronavirus challenge.’

So the next time you’re feeling daring or maybe even unstable, consider taking a roll with Boomer Roulette.