Mom standing in massive Build-A-Bear line at Lakeside not sure how she got there

Build-A-Bear "Pay Your Age" Day line New OrleansDon Kiebels

Build-A-Bear Workshop’s Pay Your Age day, giving parents a break on pricing by allowing them to pay the child’s age for a furry friend, is causing huge crowds with massive lines that extend as far back as 2013.

Vicki LeBlanc, a delirious mom standing in the long line at Lakeside Mall, said she’s not even sure how she got there.

“The last thing I remember is watching the 2013 Super Bowl with my husband when there was a 35-minute power outage in the Superdome,” LeBlanc said, noting that she and her husband of six months used the downtime to ‘reconnect.’

“Next thing I know, I’m standing here in this line with 3 kids who I’m guessing are mine because of the 24,314 pictures on my phone, sore boobs, a fifth of hand sanitizer, and crushed Cheerios in my hair and bra. I feel like everything kind of just appeared around me.”

LeBlanc, who wasn’t certain how long she had been waiting in line, was just happy that her probable kids were happy.

“It feels like I’m pretty sure I’d do anything for these… my kids,” LeBlanc said.

UPDATE: Build-A-Bear has shut down the promotion due to the unforeseen overwhelming response of people getting something almost for free.