Prayer in school up 310,691% nationwide over this time last year

New study shows prayer in school up 310,691% nationwide over this time last year - Neutral Ground NewsDeleece Cook

Sweating puddles of assumedly uninfected perspiration as they begin returning to campuses across the nation, teachers, staff, and students are praying more frequently and more often in both private and public schools as they nervously begin a new year with significant concern over COVID-19 safety.

According to a recent study, which asked participants about their behavior prior to the pandemic, prayer in school is already up 310,691% nationwide over this time last year among both students and educators.

“The frequency and intensity of prayer in school this new year increased significantly over previous years, even among those who identified as ‘non-religious,’ ‘agnostic,’ or ‘atheist,'” stated the study conducted by the Association of Social Sciences and Evidential Statistics. The study also noted that the prayers were directed to a large variety of recipients, including God, Jesus, numerous saints, Buddha, Chuck Norris, Bear Grylls, Betty White, Guy Fieri, Superman, Keanu Reeves, and Harambe.

Despite the nation’s historically strong separation of church and state, the United States government launched a new initiative this week called Thoughts and Prayers that encourages prayer in school.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos said the prayer in school initiative is to help the nation’s children and educators feel more at peace with their situation.

“They say prayer and meditation helps give a person strength and comfort when facing uncertainty,” DeVos said. “No one lives forever. We must all go – the question is always ‘when?’ For Christ’s sake, be at peace, peasa… people.”

A Department of Education pamphlet obtained by Neutral Ground News outlining the initiative and its resources for educators read: “God helps those who help themselves. Thoughts and prayers.”