Harvey residents flee Harvey after Louisiana governor calls Harvey “dangerous”

The West Bank Expressway just outside of New Orleans became a parking lot yesterday afternoon when thousands of residents mistakenly left Harvey, Louisiana, following Governor John Bel Edwards calling Harvey “dangerous,” and recommended locals “flee Harvey.”

According to a spokesman in Baton Rouge, the governor’s comments were in reference to the infamous Hurricane Harvey, which made landfall again this morning in Cameron Parish, not the small city on the West Bank with the same name.

“Honestly,” a member of the governor’s staff confided, “we had no idea the town of Harvey even existed. We’ve been on the phones all day with experts trying to pinpoint it.”

The Governor’s Office was surprised by the confusion and issued a statement this morning saying Harvey (Louisiana) was not in danger of Harvey and apologized to local residents for the inconvenience.

Even with the Governor’s apology, some locals are not happy about the mess.

According to one Harvey resident, “What idiot names a hurricane after a city? I blame Trump.” Another asked where she can apply to FEMA to get repaid for her missed hair and nail appointment.

But other locals were more sanguine.

Said Mid-City resident Bruce Duco caught up in the traffic jam: “Have you ever been to Harvey? If you have to be told to ‘flee Harvey’ before you actually do yourself, you deserve to live there.”

Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni, who went up on the Expressway and tried to stop the panic, was last seen between two overloaded mid-90’s minivans shouting, “All is well! All is well!”

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