Desperate Saints fire Les Miles for running a predictable offense

Don Kiebels

Looking for any kind of spark in a highly disappointing season, the floundering New Orleans Saints are trying to shake things up.

According to a source in the organization, the Saints have fired LSU head coach Les Miles over a lack of production by their offense.

“What is going on at Saints HQ? Miles isn’t even a part of that team,” said a rival general manager who asked to not be identified and have some of whatever Saints management is on.

The head-scratching move comes just one week after the team parted ways with defensive coordinator Rob Ryan for commanding a historically bad unit that ranked last in the NFL in almost all categories.

Saints management allegedly became frustrated with the inconsistent, weak offense in New Orleans over the last few seasons, especially after last weekend’s poor performance in a loss to the Texans.

“Coach Payton felt the play calling has been far too predictable, uncreative, and left a lot to be desired. In the NFL, a playbook needs more than screen passes and passes to the flat. Miles didn’t make the necessary adjustments, so they let him go,” said the source.

Miles, who has absolutely no connection to the Saints other than being another high-profile coach in Louisiana nor does he have any kind of job with the team, says he was caught completely off-guard by the news.

“I tell you what. I heard all the rumors over the last few weeks, but never on this. I’m really confused. This one really takes the salsa.”

Miles reportedly was going to be fired by LSU after the team concluded its regular season only to get a show of support at the last minute by the university’s controversial athletic director Joe Alleva.

Saints general manager Mickey Loomis and coach Payton expressed no such confidence in Les Miles and instead decided the team would be better off without him.

“They needed someone, anyone, to take the fall for the awful offense, and they had already fired Rob. With all the focus on Miles over the last few weeks, he was the obvious choice.”

The team is expected to once again name longtime staff member Pete Carmichael as offensive coordinator in the next few days in hopes of boosting production for the remaining games. Though, the source says Payton will have significant command over the play calling—unless the offense continues to struggle, then it’s totally all on Carmichael.