Woman arrested after family doesn’t recognize her with hair roots showing

Mom arrested after family doesn't recognize her with hair roots showing

Pleading with authorities that it is all just one big mistake, a woman whose hair has bad roots showing is in jail today after police said she was involved earlier in an Old Metairie home invasion.

The obviously fake blonde with bad roots, who claims to be the missing 39-year-old wife and mother Sabrina Lani Diaz of Old Metairie, is facing charges of home invasion and kidnapping.

According to police, the woman entered a home in the 200 block of Glenwood Drive early this morning, startling a man and his three kids. The woman allegedly exited the home’s master bedroom around 10:30 am, making her way to the living room where the children, 3, 6, and 11 years old, were watching television. The children screamed upon seeing the woman to which their father ran in from the kitchen and jumped between the burglar and the kids. The man repeatedly told the woman she could take whatever she wanted as long as she didn’t hurt anyone.

Jefferson Parish police, who were notified after a neighbor heard the loud screams, took the woman into custody without incident at the home.

“She had to be on something because she had this look like she didn’t know what was going on like she was stunned,” Mike Diaz said. “I’m just thankful I was able to reach my kids before she was. My wife would be impressed with how I handled it. Ya’ know, I wonder where she is?”

According to police, the family said they did not recognize the woman with really bad roots showing despite her claims that she lives at the home as the man’s wife and mother to the children.

“So, I’m supposed to believe that this woman is my wife? My wife is a natural blonde. I know what my wife looks like,” Diaz said.

In the police affidavit, the clearly brunette with roots showing said she has not been able to have her monthly roots touchup, nails, and eyebrows appointment at Up’Sa Daisy salon due to the coronavirus shutdown which is making it hard to maintain a look she says she’s had since college and first meeting her husband.

Authorities are still working to confirm the woman’s true identity and hair color. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Sabrina Lani Diaz is asked to contact the authorities.

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