William Jefferson immediately lands new job after being released from jail

William Jefferson released from jail; immediately lands new job

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Former Louisiana Congressman William “Dollar Bill” Jefferson, who was convicted in 2011 on bribery and corruption charges, was ordered released from prison by a Federal judge and immediately landed a new job – pitching freezers on TV for a local appliance company.

Rosenberg’s Appliances hired Jefferson, who famously kept several hundred thousand dollars in cash in his freezer behind the ice maker and the frozen peas, to do 10 late-night infomercial-type spots on cable.

Playing the role of the supervillain “The RefrigeRaider,” Jefferson will star in the spots as he unsuccessfully attempts multiple times to compromise the high-quality appliances being sold by Rosenberg’s. The contract may be extended if sales increase.

The company said the deal has been in the works for several years, but remained on ice while Jefferson was serving time. Now, the lure of cold, hard cash has solidified the agreement.

This is not the only endorsement deal Jefferson may have in the works. Reliable sources have told Neutral Ground News that a local Uptown snowball stand has approached Jefferson to promote their new spearmint green snowball called “Crushed Cash.”

Jefferson’s spokesman declined to comment on this, or any other endorsement deals Jefferson may be considering, other than to say, “They won’t be in Africa.”

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