Tropics hoping for late-season magic from new leadoff storm Gordon

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After a disappointing start to the season, the Tropics are turning to a new leadoff storm in hopes their luck around — beginning with tomorrow’s grudge match against Mississippi.

The Tropics entered 2018 with high expectations after adding powerhouses Harvey and Maria to the lineup last year but so far have fallen flat in the first half of this season. Of the six previously named storms this season, none were able to make the expected impact and fizzled out in the Atlantic without ever making landfall.

While experts seem to be writing the Tropics off for a turnaround this season, it seems the best bet for a momentum shift could come this week with a critical tripleheader featuring three longtime rivals.

Gordon’s first start is expected to include landfall somewhere along the Mississippi Gulf Coast early Wednesday morning followed immediately after by a matchup with Alabama and Louisiana rounding out the series. While Gordon may not have the experience of more well-known storms – he wasn’t formally named until Sunday – the Tropics are hoping for big things from the newcomer.

“I liked what I saw from Gordon as a depression — he came out of nowhere, has a moxie to him, and could really help us get back on track,” Tropics head coach Mother Nature said. “I understand the fear that he is raw and hasn’t yet had a chance to really form and come into his own, but there’s still a lot of the season left and I really think he could be the leadoff hurricane that gets things going for us.”

Gordon is projected to have winds around 75 mph, making him an unassuming category one hurricane when he faces off against the Gulf Coast. Despite the unimpressive numbers, Gordon’s upcoming opponents are not taking him lightly. At the tail-end of the series is Louisiana which likely will not get Gordon’s “A” game but is still preparing as if it will.

“There isn’t a whole lot of tape on Gordon, so it can be tough to prepare but we’re getting ready for him exactly like we do for everyone else on the schedule regardless of their NHC ranking,” Louisiana skipper John Bel Edwards said. “From what we do know, he seems to bring a lot of energy and gusto wherever he goes. Louisiana will be as ready as Louisiana can be.”