NOAA predicts 0-100 hurricanes for this season

Dr. Ida Kneaux reveals the NOAA 's predictions for the 2015 hurricane season

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration held a news conference at New Orleans City Hall today to reveal its predictions for the Atlantic hurricane season — and the outlook is what it is.

NOAA says this Atlantic hurricane season will likely but not definitely have sometimes changing weather patterns of some sort that, at times, may or may not resemble or take the form of a tropical depression, tropical storm, and/or hurricane.

“With El Nino, the rotation of the earth, and more people than usual peeing in the Atlantic causing warmer waters, we’re fairly confident there probably will be between zero and 100 hurricanes this season,” said Dr. Ida Kneaux, chief administrator of the NOAA.

“While people along the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts most likely but not certainly have nothing to worry about unless there is something to worry about, we highly recommend all citizens prepare for what possibly may be an actively inactive season.”

For this season, NOAA predicts:

• 0-100 named storms
• 0-100 hurricanes
• 0-100 major hurricanes (category 3 or higher)

Hurricane season officially starts June 1st-ish, and runs through November 30th. Probably.

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