Tom Benson aggressively looking to trade relatives this offseason

Don Kiebels

New Orleans Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson is throwing in the towel on three once-promising stars.

Neutral Ground News has learned that Benson has instructed his staff to begin reaching out to other families across the nation for a potential trade of Renee Benson, Rita Benson LeBlanc and Ryan LeBlanc, long-time family members who have not lived up to his lofty expectations.

Benson is said to be aggressively making calls in pursuit of a deal, any deal, with anyone, anywhere, that will move his increasingly aggravating relatives to another family.

“You never want to trade someone you’ve invested so much time and energy in trying to develop, but sometimes it’s just best if everyone gets a fresh start,” said New Orleans Saints and Pelicans executive vice president and general manager Mickey Loomis.

The three relatives — Renee, Tom’s daughter, and Rita and Ryan, his grandchildren — were supposed to be core players in the building and future of his empire, but they ultimately never realized their full potential.

Bad attitudes, inconsistent work ethic, missed meetings and a lack of chemistry with Mr. Benson are said to be the main reasons for his desire to seek a trade.

Although, according to sources, Benson may have to sweeten the pot for potential suitor families if he wants to get any deals. The relatives are reportedly known for being high-maintenance and thought to have some character issues.

“They still have potential and can contribute in someway to a family needing a quick spark, but, obviously, they aren’t the game-changing relatives we first thought they’d be,” said NFL Media Insider Ian Shittstirrer.

Rita Benson LeBlanc, who at one time was considered the future cornerstone of the empire, has struggled to adjust at the professional level but feels she still is that same impact relative she was once projected to be. When reached for comment, she admitted her performance over the years had been inconsistent but was shocked by the trade talk.

“I don’t really know what to say to that,” Benson LeBlanc said. “This is what happens when you face adversity. I’ve never been the type of person to try and run from adversity or anything like that. I’m not going to pick today to do that.”