New study shows New Orleans is ready to legalize potholes

Bart Everson
According to a new poll, New Orleans is ready to legalize potholes.

Tackling the toughest issues, it appears, New Orleans is ready to legalize potholes.

It appears the city of New Orleans is ready to legalize potholes. According to a new study, sixty-five percent of the citizens thinks potholes should be legal. If a law approving the measure were passed it would become a historic moment that positions the city as progressive, first mover. No city in the world has legalized potholes as of yet.

“We saw how much attention Colorado and Washington received after legalizing pot, but we’re not quite there yet,” said Congressman Henry Johnson. “We figured potholes were a good compromise and could get us at least half that attention since ‘pot’ is half of pothole.”

Opponents of pothole legalization see the growing support for approval as setting a dangerous precedent.

“Research already shows people begin swerving noticeably when merely around potholes,” said Tucker Palms, director of Citizens Against Legalized Potholes. “If we legalize potholes people are going to go absolutely nuts.”

While the study shows growing approval among citizens for legal potholes, the city council is not expected to review the issue anytime soon due to “doctor’s appointments or something.”