Gayle Benson may not be the “owner” of the Pelicans for much longer

Gayle Benson may not be the "owner" of the Pelicans for much longerDon Kiebels

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Will Gayle Benson soon no longer be the “owner” of the New Orleans Pelicans? Well, if she doesn’t want to be a racist who supports the idea of slavery she will relinquish that title immediately… at least according to some people who claim to be offended by the highly-charged term “owner.”

In this hot mess of a world where even cows can now be considered deadly weapons, there’s a movement underway with some NBA teams considering putting distance between themselves and the ugly, longstanding label that applies to the people who own NBA teams. Some people are suggesting the revolting title should be changed to more millionaire-friendly terms like CEO, Chairman, Majority Shareholder, Keeper of the Franchise, or maybe even Sugar Daddy/Mama. Okay, so we made those last two up… but is it really that far-fetched?

TMZ reports that at least two NBA teams have already done away with the term “owner” within the past year and that other teams have discussed following their lead. The thinking is that the term “owner” in a league predominantly consisting of African-American players is racially insensitive.

“… when you look at the word ‘owner,’ it really dates back to slavery. The word ‘owner,’ ‘master’—it dates back to slavery… we just took the words and we continued to put it to use.” – Golden State Warriors Power Forward Draymond Green (2017)

With that in mind, Gayle Benson, the owner, er… Moneybags McGee of the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans, along with her colleagues, may soon no longer actually be “owners” of their respective teams. Proprietors? Financiers? Team Principals? The Grand Poo-Bahs? You know what… Governors… yeah, Governors sounds right. Let’s go with that, says the NBA.

No word as of yet on if the NFL or every other business, company, corporation, and shop across the country will be pressured to follow suit. Stay tuned.