California officially adopts “Louisiana West” nickname

California adopts "Louisiana West" nicknameDon Kiebels

Louisiana’s reign as the nation’s top movie production powerhouse may be in jeopardy.

California Gov. Jerry Brown today announced his cash-strapped state has officially adopted the nickname “Louisiana West” in hopes of improving its fortune and replacing booming Louisiana as “the place” to once again make movies.

“The whole ‘Hollywood South’ name thing has worked really, really well for Louisiana,” said Gov. Brown, referring to the nickname Louisiana has earned during its meteoric rise to film industry juggernaut over the last decade.

“Our goal for using ‘Louisiana West’ is simple — Confuse the hell out of movie location scouts into making lucrative errors in our favor. Pretty soon they won’t remember who’s really Louisiana and who’s really California.”

Louisiana Economic Development, the catalyst behind the incredibly attractive tax credits that helped the state become Hollywood South, has been evaluating the news.

“This is the stupidest thing I’ve heard all day,” said LED secretary Ben Gregory. “And I just got out of a four-hour meeting with Governor Jindal.”