“Bad” weather disgusted by prejudice behavior of New Orleans

Bad weather disgusted by prejudice behavior of New OrleansDon Kiebels

Seeking a fresh start in a new city, some inclement weather that today moved to New Orleans has found itself facing an all too familiar situation: prejudice.

“This is some really bad weather,” said Mid-City resident Jeremy Knower. “I hate to say it, but we’ll usually stay home when this type moves in. It really makes me worry about my family’s safety when it’s around.”

The weather, which came to New Orleans from Texas, moved to the Crescent City in the hopes of leaving behind the prejudiced behavior it had grown so accustomed to from its previous neighborhoods.

“Everywhere I go people say I’m ‘bad’ and immediately head indoors. It’s like they’re hiding from me just because of my appearance,” said the weather, opening up a 6-inch flood of tears.

Despite initially pleading thunderous cries of acceptance with the public, the weather reportedly will leave New Orleans as soon as possible.

“I just wish people gave me a chance, you know? Hang out, maybe dance in my puddles, sing in the rain. We could really have had some fun if they had gotten to know me.”