Where da gold at? Treasure hunters point to New Orleans

WDSU-TV's Scott Walker may hold the jey to finding out "Where da gold at?"

Treasure hunters from across the world are descending upon New Orleans this week as rumors swirl that leprechaun’s gold can be found in the city — the same gold famously first reported on St. Patrick’s Day 2006 to be in Mobile, Alabama.

 Treasure hunters reportedly believe WDSU-TV's Scott Walker knows where the da gold at.

Reportedly may know where da gold at.

Since that day, the echoing question has remained: Where da gold at? Now, Neutral Ground News has learned that answer may lie with a local TV news anchor.

According to treasure hunters, WDSU-TV’s Scott Walker may very well know the gold’s whereabouts and has been keeping it a secret for over a decade now. Walker was the newsman in Mobile who introduced the story by reporter Brian Johnson on WPMI-TV in 2006 and moved to New Orleans just a few years later.

“This is a special leprechaun flute. It’s been passed down from thousands of years ago from my great, great grandfather who’s Irish,” said the Leprechaun Hunter.

“Walker obviously received inside tips that the gold had been moved to New Orleans,” said treasure hunter Travis Preskitt. “He looked like he was being sarcastic during the report but that was just to throw everyone else off. We don’t think it’s a coincidence he moved there [New Orleans]. He clearly knows something. Wherever he is, the gold can’t be far.”

Amateur sketch of the Mobile Leprechaun based off eye-witness accounts.

Sketch of the Mobile Leprechaun based on eye-witness accounts.

In 2006, several Mobile residents reported spotting a leprechaun in a tree and word began to spread. Masses of people poured out to try to see the leprechaun and, in some cases, attempted to confiscate his leprechaun gold. Despite their best efforts, including using a magical flute that had been passed down in one family for thousands of years, no one was able to capture the leprechaun on camera or find the gold.

WhereDaGoldAt.com, a website dedicated to uncovering the truth behind this important story, says key witnesses in Mobile believed there was a pot of gold under the tree where the leprechaun was spotted.

Many visitors to the leprechaun-tree site seem more concerned with the possibility of uncovering gold than with actually seeing the leprechaun. One local citizen is planning on uprooting the tree via rented backhoe in order to determine if there is, in fact, a pot of gold under the tree. This plan has been delayed several times due to funding issues.

Walker declined to comment on this report, raising suspicion his search may already be underway.

Watch the original WPMI news report from 2006:

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