New evidence reveals “sideline man” in Saints-Cowboys part of deeper conspiracy

New evidence shows mystery man on Saints sideline involved in much deeper conspiracy

After a stunning loss in Dallas last week left many Saints fans searching for answers, Neutral Ground News has learned that the conspiracy involving last week’s Saints-Cowboys game goes much deeper than originally thought.

One week ago Dallas surprisingly turned the juggernaut New Orleans offense into a squad reminiscent of the Les Mile’s led LSU jugger-not of the 2011 BCS National Championship. Shortly after the game, cheating suspicions emerged when images showing a person in Cowboys gear with a headset (and apparently a cell phone) on the New Orleans sideline.

After scouring every Black and Gold forum across the web and following up on leads from fans who refuse to believe the explanation given by the Dallas Cowboys that the sideline man was there for “entertainment duties,” Neutral Ground News has come into possession of an archival image showing that fans were right to question the official story.

New evidence reveals "sideline man" in Saints-Cowboy game part of deeper conspiracy

“I immediately recognized him [the staffer] the instant he appeared on TV so I jumped on my computer to check some of my secret files,” said conspiracy theorist and Saints fan Ben Booth who submitted this photographic evidence to Neutral Ground News. (Archival File: 11/22/63 – Dallas, TX – Grassy Knoll)

Conspiracy theorist and Saints fan Ben Booth, who goes by the handle TheBoothReview on, believes like several other highly knowledge fans that the game was rigged when the Cowboys used the staffer eliminate the Saints offense.

In support of his argument, Booth submitted photographic evidence to Neutral Ground News that appears to show the Dallas staffer, long known to help settle scores, as an accomplice to the mysterious second shooter on the Grassy Knoll during the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

“I immediately recognized him [the staffer] the instant he appeared on TV so I jumped on my computer to check some of my secret files,” Booth said of the sideline staffer who is known in his conspiracy circle as “The Spotter.”

“I watch every NFL game in slow motion, three times, so I can analyze them for any kind of irregularities and alert other fans on the forums of why things in each game are happening like they are. As soon as I saw him on the Saints sideline in the first quarter I knew they were in danger. Jerry wanted this game badly — so if this guy can help take out the most powerful person in the world [JFK] he can certainly knock off the most powerful team in the league. I knew it was only a matter of time before he struck again. JFK shouldn’t have trusted Dallas and neither should we.”

Dallas explained the Saints-Cowboys issue in this way: “It’s a member of the game day entertainment staff. He stands next to the ‘green hat’ who is the network TV person who works with the officials to coordinate TV time-outs. His job is to communicate to our internal video board people when a TV timeout is coming and how much time is left in that timeout as they come out of a break. He does not stand in the team bench area. They stand just outside the bench area on that side of the field.”

Booth said that may be an explanation but it doesn’t explain why the staffer was on the Saints sideline instead of with the Cowboys.

“Just like on the Grassy Knoll, he shouldn’t have been there [in the Saints-Cowboys game] but he was and you see how that turned out. The Saints offense wasn’t executing because he was. This is absolutely positively the only logical reason why the team could have lost. I refuse to believe any other explanation.”