Photo of thousands caroling in Jackson Square is fake, claims Marrero man

Photo of thousands caroling in Jackson Square is fake, claims Marrero manBurst

Earlier this month, NBA player Steph Curry said he didn’t believe man landed on the moon in 1969, now some New Orleanians are calling into question a recent picture of the annual Christmas Caroling in Jackson Square.

Marrero resident Clint “I Lift” Breaux said he believes an image posted on Facebook by Archbishop Gregory Aymond is fake and a part of the Catholic Church’s agenda.

The image in question shows Jackson Square illuminated by thousands of candles held by singers, both amateur and professional, singing Christmas favorites.

“It’s Jackson Square and everyone knows a square is a square, not round,” Breaux said from his home’s porch, careful not to trigger his ankle monitor.

“How stupid do they think we are? I’ve been looking at this picture for a while now and it’s an obviously Photoshopped picture that is just part of the Catholic Church’s poor attempt to try to look good after all the bad press they’ve gotten the last few years. It’s like they want us to catch them. A round square? Ridiculous.”

A popular tradition that has been keeping claustrophobic people out of downtown New Orleans since 1946, Christmas Caroling in Jackson Square is known for drawing crowds that easily exceed the Square’s capacity and super-charging the holiday spirit.

While almost everyone polled by Neutral Ground News thought Breaux is a dumb ass since the event is sponsored by Patio Planters of the Vieux Carre and has nothing to do with the Church, his roommate Buck Brody said he believes him and in a number of conspiracies.

“I think my Breaux is onto something big and now they [the Catholic Church] trying to shut him up by keeping him from going outside and talking to people about it,” Brody said referring to his roommate’s house arrest. According to Orleans Criminal District Court records, Breaux is under house arrest for pulling a gun on a Popeyes worker during a dispute over the condiments.

Response to Breaux’s comments was swift, with the Archdiocese of New Orleans even offering to bring him next year as a special guest of the event to prove the event looks the same in person as it does in pictures, if not better.

“Bless his heart,” Archdiocese spokesman Louis Lacy told Neutral Ground News.

There’s no word from Breaux on whether he plans to take the Archdiocese up on the invite, but he did tell NGN he hopes to conclude his house arrest by the end of the summer.