Pittsburgh Steelers, still in locker room long over 24 hours, hoping someone tells them when national anthem is over

Pacing back and forth after waiting in the locker room for long over 24 hours, players for the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers are hoping someone will let them know when the national anthem has concluded so they can take the field.

As part of a wave of protests throughout the NFL in the wake of President Donald Trump’s NFL-related comments, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin told Neutral Ground News his team would remain in the locker room for the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner during their game against the Chicago Bears.

“What time is it?” coach Tomlin said while rubbing his eyes, stretching, and yawning. “Is it over?”

Steelers players, who have now spent more than 24 hours in the locker room while wearing and sleeping in their gear, admitted they were unsure of the exact length of the anthem but are positive someone will let them know when to come out.

“I don’t really remember how long it (the anthem) is,” said cornerback Auggie Armbruster, who has been through the concussion protocol eighteen times in the last year and still believes George W. Bush is President. “But what I do know is that dog fighting is absolutely despicable — I will always protest against it — and we will continue to do so until changes are made.”

Coach Tomlin noted that these are divisive times, but it is what it is, and the Pittsburgh Steelers will respond accordingly.

“No disrespect to the anthem, but we will stay in this locker room until it (the anthem) has concluded, no matter how long it takes,” Tomlin said sitting in a chair as he yawned, lowered the brim of his hat, and began trailing off mumbling something about something-something.

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