New Orleans brewery announces launch of new Cantrell beer

New Orleans brewery announces new Cantrell beer - New Orleans news - Neutral Ground NewsC-Mortar and Don Kiebels

Brewery Breauxs, a micro-brewery in Gentilly, has announced it is naming a new beer after New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell. The Cantrell beer aims to help ease the recent Sewerage & Water Board financial crisis. The mayor is also the president of the S&WB.

The announcement is similar to one by national brewers Sam Adams, who announced a new beer named after Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“’Cantrell’ is a soft, dark beer, made exclusively with water taken directly from S&WB pipes and filtered by a secret process by our competent brewing staff. It has a distinct West Coast flavor, won’t go down easy, and is sure to leave a lasting taste on the palate,” the press release​ said.​

The release noted the Cantrell beer may also leave lasting stains on some clothing and provides helpful hints for stain removal.

The brewery hopes the new beer will be popular with Millennials, tourists, and Legislators in Baton Rouge.

Brewery Breauxs has not released a suggested retail price for a bottle of Cantrell beer. Instead, the brewery says it will let retailers estimate however much they think it might cost. The brewery also intends to donate up to 20 percent of the proceeds to fund the struggling S&WB and help out this poor bastard. However, for unexplained reasons, the brewery said credit cards cannot be used to buy Cantrell. “Cash only,” said a spokesman.

The brewery’s last attempt at a politically-themed New Orleans beer, the ‘Mitch IPA,’ made for the New Orleans Tri-Centennial, did not turn out as well as the brewery had hoped. Critics said it had no body, was too pale, and had a bitter aftertaste.

However, Brewery Breaux’s unique beers have done well, including Roast Beef Pale Ale, a great pairing beverage sourced from local foods, Crawzilla, a pastoral barnyard ale dry-hopped in crab boil, S&WsonofaB, a stout, very dark beer that includes roasted barley, hops, stagnated water, and aged tears of frustration from New Orleanians, and 2TJs, a premium non-alcoholic malt beverage for underage consumers, Bywater Summer-Fresh Ale, a sweet, wheat ale fermented in whatever is available from local dumpsters.