Mayor Cantrell orders every body in New Orleans to stay-in-place through May 16, give or take a year

Mayor Cantrell orders every body in New Orleans to stay-in-place through May 16, give or take a yearDon Kiebels

The “stay-in-place” order for every single body in New Orleans is extended to May 16th, give or take several months to a year or two or three.

According to Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s office, the city’s stay-in-place order will now officially be extended again at 6 a.m. on May 16th as officials work on plans to plan the planning of the demolition of COVID-19.

“Today, Mayor LaToya Cantrell took further steps to protect every single body in the New Orleans area from the COVID-19 collapse,” the mayor’s office said in a statement. “With this stay-in-place order, the mayor wants every body in the city to remain wherever he or she is in an effort to ensure minimal disturbances.”

Cantrell held a news conference yesterday in which she also announced her recommendations against any large festivals rescheduling to the fall or the demolition of any and all buildings because of uncertainty over coronavirus.

“The mayor and her advisors have been working on this since October, way before anyone else, studying every approach to slow the process as much as possible,” the statement continued.

Cantrell said while New Orleans may be showing signs of improvement, it is too soon to let up and efforts need to continue.

“Every body needs to stay put, wherever he or she may happen to find him or herself, for as long as this takes and possibly longer. Period,” Cantrell said. “Social distancing is incredibly important, especially downtown, like around 1031 Canal. Or so my health advisors tell me.”

Cantrell and the city’s leaders acknowledge the stay-in-place order puts some locals between a rock and hard place but ultimately believes it’s all for the best.

“It is incredibly important we take our time and not tarp this thing over with short-sighted solutions. We must not touch… I mean… rush this. Every single body, no matter who, must stay-in-place for as long as it takes. In the meantime, I’ve sued COVID-19 on behalf of every body in New Orleans for $95,000 to help provide relief to the overly taxing situation it has created.”