New Orleans bars announce measures to ban Mayor Cantrell from ever showing her face again

New Orleans bars announce measures to ban Mayor Cantrell from ever showing her face again - New Orleans news - Neutral Ground NewsElevate

Bars all across New Orleans have united in solidarity to protect citizens amid the devastating COVID-19 pandemic.

New Orleans bar owners held a happy hour news conference this afternoon to announce new measures aimed at creating a safer, buzzing environment. The measures include banning Mayor LaToya Cantrell from ever showing her face in any Orleans Parish establishment that serves alcohol, closing all bars from February 12th through February 16th to let customers recuperate from the barrage of videos showing Cantrell speak, and releasing a mobile app that alerts users of the mayor’s location at all times.

According to the announcement, Cantrell will not be allowed any closer than 20 kegs to a bar in the city.

Earlier Mayor Cantrell announced new, brutal regulations and enforcement procedures, in addition to enhanced enforcement, focused on bars in the Parish.

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell reacts after being told she is banned from all bars in her city.

NGN reporter Wayne King went up to this woman because someone told us it’s New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell but he wasn’t sure because she looks nothing like her profile pictures, and reported that all the bars in the city had banned her. Or Mayor Cantrell at least.

“We voluntarily are shutting down for the health and safety of our customers,” said New Orleans bar owner Jim Engram of Glug Glug in Mid City.

“We have to because she scares the shit out of customers. They end up drinking a whole hell of a lot more after seeing her face, which obviously is great for business, but it’s just not healthy and we want to be responsible citizens for our community.”

The restriction reportedly bars Cantrell from every New Orleans bar for life, though the bar owners said they will definitely consider lifting it if she either moves back to California or pays her taxes.

“The City has seen unfavorable trends in binge drinking data since Mayor Cantrell took office as she continues to appear on TV and social media more and more,” Engram said.

“We see a clear indication that wherever her face and voice go binge drinking follows. The usual cure of beer goggles won’t fix this meaning drastic measures must be taken. So, we agree with Mayor Cantrell. Temporarily shutting down and restricting access is absolutely the right call.”