Tailgating LSU fan grateful to have passed out before Alabama game

Tailgating LSU fan grateful to have passed out before Alabama game

An LSU fan who woke up a day after passing out early Saturday morning is overjoyed to have missed all of the Tigers’ embarrassing 29-0 loss to Alabama that night.

Pete Gradon said he was tailgating near the LSU Parade Grounds on Saturday morning when he blacked out after taking what he believes was his 21st or 22nd shot of Fireball.

He awoke Sunday morning to “Roll Tide,” a penis, and other drawings all over his face, as well as an empty campus. After checking his phone, he realized he passed out for close to 24 hours and missed the game completely.

“I was pissed off at first, but then I saw the score,” Gradon said. “Man, I’m so happy I didn’t see that (expletive)!”

Gradon texted his tailgating friends to find out what happened, and they told him they thought being passed out under a magnolia tree would be better than witnessing LSU’s eighth straight loss to the Crimson Tide.

“They saved my ass. There may be a penis on my face, but I’m not nearly as embarrassed as those kids on offense should be. They should all be fired. Coach Zero, (offensive coordinator Steve) Ensminger, the band, the cheerleaders, all of ’em.”

Gradon, 56, said this is not the first time an event like this has happened. A season ticket holder, Gradon said his excessive tailgate drinking started after last year’s home loss to Troy. Since then, he has not been sober enough to remember an LSU game.

Gradon noted he’s been a LSU fan since he was a child and is currently in the process of finishing his GED, hoping to one day attend LSU as an actual student.

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