Congressman Garret Graves’ new GoFundMe to buy LSU a touchdown vs Bama in 2020

Congressman Garret Graves's new GoFundMe aims to buy LSU a touchdown vs Alabama in 2020

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In one of the most anticipated matchups of the 2018 college football season, LSU couldn’t buy a touchdown against Alabama. That could be a different story by 2020.

Congressman Garret Graves (R) announced this morning he has started a GoFundMe campaign that aims to help LSU’s football team secure at least one touchdown for the Tigers’ next home game against Alabama two years from now.

“We don’t know how much it’ll cost yet to secure the score but we do know that for Tiger fans a touchdown against Alabama is definitely worth a lot more than just six points,” Graves’ office said in a statement.

#3 LSU failed to score a point in a miserable 29-0 loss to #1 Alabama in Tiger Stadium, the second straight time the Tigers have been shutout at home against the Crimson Tide (10-0 in 2016). In response to the series latest goose egg, now more commonly known as a “Coach O,” Graves announced his intentions to help the struggling offense at whatever cost necessary.

“They say money doesn’t solve everything, but maybe if we raise enough and ‘donate’ it to the game officials, LSU will be able to find the end zone,” the statement read.

“It’s embarrassing to be shut out, let alone at home and at night when the Tigers are supposed to be most dangerous. One time is a fluke, two times is the beginning of a pattern and we can’t let it continue. The point is we need to do everything in our power to make sure we get points.”

This is the second time this season Graves created a GoFundMe for LSU football. He raised more than $17,000 last month to help offset the $100,000 fine imposed on the Tigers after the crowd stormed the field following LSU’s win over the top-ranked Georgia Bulldogs.

NCAA president Mark Emmert said Graves’ attempt to raise money to bribe SEC officials could be a direct NCAA violation. However, Graves said the league allows for fans to raise funds to go to help charity.

“This is LSU’s offense we’re talking about,” the statement concluded. “Name a more woeful and heartbreaking cause than that.”

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