Dixie Beer changes name to “The Beer Brewing Company”, Unveils “Socially Conscious” Brews

Former Dixie Beer Changes Name, Unveils New Socially Conscious Beers - New Orleans news - brewery news - Neutral Ground News

The brewers and owners of Dixie Beer announced today that they have settled on a new name for the iconic New Orleans brew.

Owner Gayle Benson and General Manager Jim Birch stood outside the Dixie Beer Brewery today and revealed that Dixie Beer would now be known as ‘The Beer,’  and the company would now be called ‘The Beer Brewing Company.’ 

“We want to signal our virtues to the world, and we took the lead of the former ‘Dixie Chicks’ singing group. We won’t be using the ‘D-word’ anymore.”

The change comes after the company announced in September that they would be re-branding in light of the national conversation about racism, social justice, and toilet paper hoarding following months of protests across the country.

Along with the company name change, Benson and Birch also announced some of the brewery’s new beers. Among them include changing their IPA, or India Pale Ale, to Indigenous Pale Ale.

“We wanted to be more inclusive of our native drinkers,” Birch said. “We want you to know that we see the smoke signals. Our firewater should be enjoyed by all, regardless of race, color, or tribe.”

Some of the new beers set to be unveiled include “Social Justice Sour,” “Diversity Lager,” “Whatever You Feel It Is Beverage,” “Thin Average Stout,” “White Guilt Pale Ale,” “Transfer of Wealth Wheat,” “Pronouns Porter,” and “Pay Gap Pilsner,” a light beer with 80% of the hops of a full beer, among others. A non-alcoholic beer called “Woke Water” is also in the works.

The term “Dixie” has come to represent the Southern States, but its origins are disputed. Some historians say it comes straight from the Mason-Dixon line, which separated the free states from those that went for about treefiddy. Others say it harkens back to the snarky French in New Orleans whose $10 notes were cleverly printed with the word “Dix,” French for “ten” but heard as “male genitalia” in English and came to be known as “dixies.” The Frenchies original plans for the dixies allegedly also included numerous hidden penis drawings as well as the term “rosbif throughout the design.

John B. Dick

Pictured: John B. Dick, an ornery 19th-century Southern businessman who ultimately gave meaning to the phrase “being a dick” and may be the origin of “Dix.” Researchers say he most likely is flipping you off from under his coat. What a Dick.

Another theory is that the name can be traced to John B. Dick, an ornery 19th-century Southern businessman who was said to be especially pugnacious, rude, inflammatory, and vainy. Contemporaries referred to his insensitive or tone-deaf behavior as “dickish” or “dicksy.” He’s also purported to be the source of the phrases, “being a Dick” and “don’t be a Dick.”

Whatever its origin, the term most commonly has been used to describe or refer to the Old South during the time of slavery and the Confederacy, often with endearment. With the change in moniker, The Beer Brewing hopes to make amends as well as money.

“As we were trying to make sure that we’re growing a brand that has the ability to cross states and to be throughout the country, it was a name that we realized just has too many negative connotations,” Birch said in brave solidarity when the company first made their announcement in September. This change certainly falls in line with that stated purpose. 

The Neutral Ground News Crack Investigative Unit went to a number of local bars to ask about the name change. A patron at a Magazine Street watering hole was typical of the replies.

“Don’t much care. ‘Piss-in-a-Bottle’ would have been more accurate.”

Neutral Ground News also learned that the brewery will keep the Dixie name on “administrative paid leave” for the time being with potential future use depending on decreasing public attention span and profitability.

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