Baton Rouge rescinds “Sanctuary City” status, set to deport New Orleanians

Baton Rouge rescinds "Sanctuary City" status, set to deport New OrleaniansSage Ross

The Baton Rouge Metro Council this week rescinded the ‘Sanctuary City’ declaration it passed in September 2005 after Hurricane Katrina and has given all people from the Greater New Orleans area living in East Baton Rouge Parish 90 days to leave.

“We’ve had about enough of this ‘Yat’ culture as we can handle,” said Metro Councilman Arthur ‘Shorty’ Jenkins, “it’s time for them to, how can I say this, “g-e-a-u-x” home.”

In several ‘on-the-street’ interviews with long-time Baton Rouge residents, Neutral Ground News found the majority of locals agree with the measure.

“They need to go. I’m tired of gas stations having signs for getting inspection stickers and right below that it has ‘brake tags’ written. This is Baton Rouge for crying out loud. Why can’t they speak like us? They came here. Learn the culture,” said one native.

Another resident complained about having to explain to people the difference between a ‘shopping cart’ and a ‘buggy’ while another became aggravated with New Orleanians not assimilating.

“New Orleans-Louisianans are some of the laziest people I’ve ever met. They take days off like for Mardi Gras when everyone else is working, they drink alcohol during the day, they blare this brass music, they hoot and holler for their football team instead of learning to cheer for LSU, and they eat. My god do they eat. We’re just too different.”

While the Metro Council declared all New Orleans-Louisianans must leave the area within 90 days, the measure does allow an exception to deportation. Anyone who claims refugee status because he or she would fear for his or her life when returning to the Crescent City can use the so-called ‘Mitch Exception’ and gain permanent resident status in Baton Rouge.

NGN reached out to New Orleans officials for comment but none of the city government’s phone numbers worked and every sent email either bounced back or received a vague “out of office” auto-reply set since May 3, 2010.

Jenkins and fellow Council members, Pete ‘Scooter’ Wilson, Mary-Anne ‘Peaches’ Young, Ronny ‘Big Bubba-B’ Blythe, and Marilyn ‘Sugar-Baby’ Goodwood all voted for the measure.