Tourist claims New Orleans history disappearing right before his eyes in old family photos

A California man’s family photos are mysteriously changing with no clear explanation but he believes the removal of four controversial Confederate monuments in New Orleans is the cause.

Martin McFly, who said he often visited the Crescent City during the 1980s with his family, claims the history of his one-time favorite vacation spot is vanishing. As he was going through old vacation pictures last night to get ideas of where he should go this summer, McFly said he noticed a picture that he, his brother, and sister took in front of the Jefferson Davis statue in 1985 was suddenly changing before his very eyes.

“The entire statue (Jefferson Davis) was fading becoming transparent, almost like it wasn’t there, but nothing else in the picture was affected,” McFly said. “It’s like history is vanishing.”

Sensing how heavy the situation must be, McFly headed to the home of Dr. Emmett Brown, a renown scientist in crackpot theory, for answers.

“He told me that the space-time continuum must have started ripping when workers began removing the Liberty Place monument and then ripped, even more, when the Davis statue came down, causing history to be erased,” McFly recalled.

After further studying the bizarre phenomenon, Dr. Brown posited that as more statues are removed the more people will not be able to recall the city’s history.

“According to my theory, Mayor Landrieu interfered with the natural state of the statues. If they don’t remain standing, they won’t tell the city’s history, they won’t preserve the city’s heritage, and they won’t inform future generations. That’s why Davis is disappearing from that photograph. Marty’s pictures with Lee and PGT Beauregard will follow, and unless someone repairs the damage, the city itself will be next.”

Dr. Brown also believes the greatest danger lay ahead.

“If my calculations are correct, when all four statues are removed you’re gonna see some serious shit,” Dr. Brown said. “The results of which could cause a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the space-time continuum, and destroy the entire universe! Granted, that’s a worse case scenario. The destruction might, in fact, be very localized, limited to merely our own nation.”

McFly said he now can barely recall the trip he and his siblings took to New Orleans when they took the Davis picture.

“I feel like we went there (New Orleans) but all my pictures are fading to have nondescript backgrounds so we could have easily been visiting Anywhere, USA. Sometimes, I wish I could just go back, back to 1985.”

Though, opponents of the monuments have a different stance. Torry Jackson, deputy mayor of New Orleans and spokesperson for Mitch Landrieu, said the city will continue its mission to remove all symbols of white supremacy.

“It’s our density.”