Naughty N’Awlins 2020 convention swings to monogamy amid pandemic

Naughty N'Awlins 2020 convention swings to monogamy amid pandemic - New Orleans news - Neutral Ground NewsEliott Van Buggenhout

Stunning swingers without the use of a bedroom device for a change, organizers of Naughty N’Awlins convention, which hails itself as the “most popular lifestyle and swinger convention event in the country since 1998,” reportedly are embracing monogamy this year in an effort to make the 2020 meetup stay on the calendar and free of COVID-19.

The Naughty N’Awlins convention, originally scheduled for July 8-12 in New Orleans, has been thrust to November 19-23 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizers say the group has adopted guidelines established by the adult entertainment industry’s medical advisory board, The Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

“We’ve looked at this from every which way and angle,” Dr. Ivanna Shag said. “From the top, from the bottom, from behind, this is the only way we can go.”

This fall’s gathering at the Astor Crowne Plaza on Bourbon Street and Canal will be limited to married couples who have never traded partners. Married couples who have traded partners in the past will be asked to watch only this year and tag back in for the 2021 convention.

According to organizers, some of the guidelines NiN2020 will implement include:

• Quarantining all couples in their hotel rooms 24/7
• Rectal temperature tests every six hours
• Latex prophylactics on all handles and extensions
• Plastic sheets on all room surfaces
• Couples must provide a detailed record of arguments from the preceding year proving the marriage

The plan for “monogamy” is considered the best option for NiN2020 to still happen while keeping the intimate convention from becoming a super-spreading cluster during the current pandemic.

“You’ve just got to work with what you’ve got,” Itty Bitty Titty Committee member Dr. Heidi Ho said. “We thought long and hard about how we could make this thing fit with all that’s going on and we feel with all these protective measures it’ll be satisfying for everyone.”

With monogamy being a drastic change of scenery for the convention, NiN2020 organizers say they are prepared if some couples are tempted to stray. Virtual swapping through streaming, chats, and live podcasts will be available by request. Creepy robotic dolls will also be on hand to give a hand.

“We’ve been experimenting with all kinds of things to see how we could make this work and after pumping away for months, we feel this plan is best so our members can still come in 2020,” Naughty N’Awlins publicist Girth Brooks said.

According to officials, the city of New Orleans is fully supportive of the convention taking place as long as it follows all the safety guidelines and pays an event permit fee of $170 million and an administrative fee of $95,000.