Metairie man on cloud 9 after Superdome crowd chants his name

Metairie man on cloud 9 after Superdome crowd chants his nameDon Kiebels

Theodore Gautreaux has never had his moment in the spotlight. The 56-year-old Metairie man is used to being in the crowd as others receive the attention and adulation.

That all changed on Sunday in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Gautreaux, a New Orleans Saints season ticket holder, had just returned to his seat in section 602 after getting another Dome Foam during halftime. He missed seeing the Saints’ 33-yard touchdown score, but he was moved by what happened next.

“I get to my seat, everyone is clapping and cheering, and then I realized that they were all saying my name,” Gautreaux said with a tear in his eye. “They were all cheering for me.”

Indeed, a chorus of “TEDDY! TEDDY! TEDDY!” echoed inside the Superdome. Fans on social media speculated that the chants were for New Orleans quarterback Teddy “Brass Balls” Bridgewater, but Gautreaux believes the 73,000 fans inside the Dome were cheering for him.

“All those Falcons bots trying to rain on a Saints fan’s parade; it started right as I returned to my seat and it was clear as the Dirty Birds Super Bowl trophy case that it was intended for me,” he said.

Despite his modesty, Gautreaux believes his performance Sunday in the Superdome was worthy of celebration. The Terrace level veteran is no stranger to downing a half dozen Dome Dogs and Dixie beers, but he surpassed expectations in Week 5. Gautreaux said a good Saturday night/Sunday morning at Harrah’s put some money in his pocket and he was able to splurge at the concession stand.

So when he returned to his seat with yet another 20-ounce Bud Light, his eighth Dome Dog of the day, and an order of seafood nachos, he believes the crowd was impressed.

So impressed that he said family members, who were watching the game on TV and could hear the “Teddy” chants, started texting him and offering congratulations.

“MY TEDDY, MY TEDDY, MY TESTY” read a text from his fourth wife, Susan, which may have included a spellcheck error.

Whether the chants were for Gautreaux, Bridgewater, or another Ted sitting in section 310, it doesn’t matter for the lifelong Saints fans. He recorded the chants on his phone and has made the audio of “Teddy! Teddy! Teddy!” his new ringtone.

“This is my dream come true. It’s like that old show goes, ‘You want to be where everybody knows your name,’” he said. “I’ve gotten called a lot of things in my life, especially by my ol’ battle-axe wife, so it’s a nice change, ya’ know, to hear your name without things also being thrown at you.”