Former DA Walter Reed to ride Mardi Gras float into prison

Nearly three years after being convicted on corruption charges, former Northshore district attorney Walter Reed has been ordered by the Appeals court to begin serving his time. According to sources close to the case, Reed plans to head to the big house in style by riding a Mardi Gras float into prison.

The court has told Reed he must surrender himself by Ash Wednesday to begin serving his sentence. The one-time DA was convicted in 2016 of a multitude of crimes including money laundering, wire fraud, and using sliced bread to make Po’Boys.

Reed plans to ride in the Krewe de Krime parade on Fat Tuesday where he wishes to have his son, Steven Reed, ride along with him. Steven Reed will also be serving a prison sentence for tax evasion and for pronouncing the Crescent City as New Or-LEANs.

Sources say to be on the lookout for Reed standing on top of a float in the shape of a bible holding out the peace sign, his go-to mantra when he knows he’s screwed. The former district attorney will ride shackled to the front of his float where he will throw falsified tax documents to the masses. Parade-goers are encouraged to throw any extra Mardi Gras spears, footballs, unopened bags of beads, and fingers to show support for the former district attorney during his darkest hour.

At the end of the parade, Reed’s float will make its last turn into the New Orleans Parish Prison. Once there, he hopes to keep the Mardi Gras spirit alive by holding his own Mardi Gras ball with all the inmates.

Reed served as district attorney for the state’s 22nd Judicial District covering St. Tammany and Washington parishes for 30 years before opting not to seek re-election in the fall of 2014 as the FBI asked ‘what up with that’?

Federal prosecutors accused Walter Reed of using his campaign money as a “slush fund,” illegally converting it to his own use for such things as lavish meals, gifts, and Huge Ass Beers. Reed pocketed $574,063 over 20 years that should have gone to the district attorney’s office, the government said.

While serving time, Walter and Steven plan to teach financial literacy classes to inmates on how to evade taxes for about 20 years.

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