King Cake Headquarters coming to New Orleans

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Move over Willy Wonka, the world’s newest mystical headquarters will be located in New Orleans.

The Crescent City, which just completed its Tricentennial celebrations, has scored a big win for its future. Cupertino has Apple; Seattle has Amazon; now New Orleans has the King Cake Headquarters.

The King Cake is arguably every New Orleanian’s favorite holiday treat. The Neutral Ground News estimates at least 750,000 King Cakes are sold in the city each year. Given that each cake averages around $20 that’s a lot of dough!

“Coming up with the form was pretty easy,” Seamus McGuire, one of the lead architects on the design, said.

“Determining the interior program and activating the space was the real design challenge. I mean, what exactly goes inside a freshly baked King Cake Headquarters? Is it New Orleans’ own tech hub, where developers live off of the ever-flowing sugar at their fingertips? Is it a new and improved City Hall location? Or is it the new stadium for the New Orleans Saints: Home Sweet Dome?”

The architects at CICADA, who are leading the project, believe the headquarters should embody the mystique of its exterior on the inside as well.

“After much debate, we landed on a mystical factory that powers every Mardi Gras season behind the scenes. A place where the icing flows like the Mississippi and the King Cake babies are as happy as the morning before Jazzfest!”

McGuire said the King Cake Headquarters will break pieces sometime this summer with a goal of opening in about two years.

Renderings of the facility, including a 3D model and map of the headquarters, can be seen below.

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