CrimeStoppers pleads with the public to stop reporting 2016 as a killer

Crimestoppers pleads with public to stop reporting 2016 as a killerCrimestoppers pleads with public to stop reporting 2016 as a killer

With its staff overwhelmed and their phone lines jammed in just about every state because of a record number of tips coming in, CrimeStoppers pleads with the public to please stop reporting 2016 for killing people.

“Hundreds of thousands are calling in saying they believe 2016 is responsible for over 55 million deaths worldwide this year and they want to see it stopped before someone else gets hurt,” CrimeStoppers president Sheila Adams said.

“We appreciate the enthusiasm, but we really need to focus on actual criminals committing actual crimes. So I’m asking everyone to please keep the CrimeStoppers phone lines across the nation open for real tips.”

Adams said CrimeStoppers call centers across the nation have received a record-setting number of calls this year with a major spike coming during the final quarter mostly all focusing on the same concerns.

“Many of our recent callers have grave concern for the safety of actors Betty White and Morgan Freeman, saying they think 2016 is going to go after them. So we direct them to those “Protect Betty and Morgan” GoFundMe pages. It’s about all we can do really.”

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