BREAKING: New Orleans Saints release Who Dat Nation

Don Kiebels

The jaw-dropping shakeup in New Orleans continues.

After trading star tight end Jimmy Graham to the Seattle Seahawks on Tuesday, the New Orleans Saints dropped another bombshell today by releasing the Who Dat Nation in reportedly a spirit-cutting move.

The team’s release of one of the league’s top fan bases may be more of a stunner than the Graham trade as top NFL analysts were even taken by total surprise.

“I was completely and literally shocked by this move,” said Ian Shittstirrer, an ESPN football Insider and dipshit who apparently has no clue what ‘literally’ means.

The Who Dat Nation’s release comes after nine straight years of Hall of Fame level production that started in 2006, the fan base’s first season with the team after Hurricane Katrina.

“First off, we would like to thank the Who Dat Nation for all that it has done for our organization over the last nine seasons,” Saints general manager Mickey Loomis said in a statement.

“The fan base became a game-changing crowd for our team that was responsible for countless Fan Impact Plays. Decisions like these are always difficult and we wish Who Dats everywhere the best of luck.”

Considered by many to be a top-three fan base in the NFL and a franchise cornerstone, the Who Dat Nation seemed destined to remain a key member of the Black and Gold for years to come especially after its recent string of impressive performances.

“Nine straight sellout seasons, a season ticket waiting list of over 70,000 and unwavering support despite a brain piercing third down siren? Fan bases like that don’t grow on trees,” said ESPN Saints writer and former Times-Picayune sports columnist Mike Triplett.

“The production was there, but the team obviously felt the fan base’s immense spirit had become a distraction to its success and was compelled to make a move.”

What’s next for the Who Dat Nation? It shouldn’t take long to get an answer.

Several fairweather franchises in need of top level fan support are reportedly interested in scheduling a visit with the Who Dat Nation, which includes the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars. Although, sources close to the Who Dat Nation say retirement from cheering for professional football remains a strong possibility.