Unruly tourist arrested at Rocky & Carlo’s in Chalmette after ordering ‘a’ baked macaroni


An unruly tourist was arrested and charged with assault and petty theft after an altercation yesterday at Rocky & Carlo’s, a popular restaurant located in Chalmette.

According to the police report by the St. Bernard Sherriff’s Office (SBSO), Richard Dantin, 57, and his wife Louise, 28, both IRS accountants from Chevy Chase, Maryland, went to Rocky & Carlo’s looking for an “authentic New Orleans meal” after reading a recommendation on Facebook.

SBSO spokesman Gil Gamble said the situation began when Dantin had a dispute with one of the servers over the amount of food he received.

“Dantin ordered ‘a’ baked macaroni. The server asked three times if that was really what he wanted, and he said, ‘yes’ in a stern manner. The server obliged and handed him his order — that’s when the conversation became heated,” noted Gamble.

Neutral Ground News contacted the restaurant’s manager, Billy Zells, who admitted he was bemused by the whole incident.

“Da man orda’d a baked macaroni. We said, ‘ya sure?’ He says, ‘Yea.’ So we give him one an he gets mad. If he wanted a whole bunch of ‘em on da plate he shoudda said so. Dat way ya git more n’ one on ya plate, hawut. I tol him dat.”

It was at that point Mr. Dantin allegedly jumped over the counter and hit a server repeatedly with a loaf of French bread he grabbed from under the arm of a server behind the counter.

After being pelted with cheese and lettuce by the other servers, Dantin and his wife left the restaurant.

Mrs. Dantin did not participate in the altercation and was not arrested. Instead, she took video of the event with her phone which she later sold to ViralVideos4Cash.

The server suffered minor first-degree burns from a hot bell pepper and Dantin chipped a fingernail when vaulting over the counter. Both were treated at a local clinic and released.

Mr. Dantin, however, remains in SBSO custody until his arraignment whenever they get to it.

If you hungry, browse the menu, be sure you know what you want, and go visit Rocky & Carlo’s for great food at a great place.