Tulane breaks school’s all-time attendance record for a football game versus Navy

Tulane football breaks all-time single game attendance record versus Navy - New Orleans news - Neutral Ground NewsSpatms

Football is back and better than ever.

Tulane University today announced that, despite COVID-19 and city restrictions, the school broke its all-time attendance record for a football game this past weekend when taking on Navy in the home opener at Yulman Stadium.

While the university is being tight-lipped on the actual final numbers, officials say tens of fans were in attendance.

“It was absolutely incredible,” Tulane football coach Willie Fritz said. “I’d try to call a play when all of a sudden there was this voice in the back of my head saying, ‘Roll Wave! Let’s get a touchdown here!’ At first, I thought that the power of positive thinking my shrink has me practicing was working but then I realize there were a couple of guys behind me, in the stands, cheering for us. It was so uplifting despite the game’s outcome.”

While not revealing the official total number of fans in attendance university officials did say it more than likely smashed the school’s old record. Though, they couldn’t be sure after someone accidentally erased a classroom’s whiteboard that held all the school’s football records in the “Great Wipeout of 2008.”

“Sports provides a sense of normalcy for so many,” Director of Athletics Troy Dannen said, “We’re glad to play a small part in getting things going again.”

Though, some critics say Tulane is doing more damage than good. New Orleans resident Tish Schroeder, who lives near the stadium, voiced his opposition after Tulane beat South Alabama 27-24 in the season opener in Mobile.

“To play is one thing, but for Tulane to play and win? Tulane? Where’s the normalcy in that? Everything in 2020 is already screwed up. The mayor needs to shut them down before things get out of hand and, God forbid, they win again. I mean, they caught a win in Mobile and now they’re trying to spread it here at home. Did you see how much they were winning by for most of the game and how close they were to beating Navy? It’s alarming. Fortunately, they Tulaned it up at the end. But that was really scary.”

The Green Wave takes on Southern Miss this weekend where a possible second win in three games will bring society one step closer to the end.