Suffocating Saints fans taken to hospital after loss to Ravens

Don Kiebels

More than two dozen Saints fans were rushed to local emergency rooms following the Saints loss pre-season loss to the Baltimore Ravens when a promotion at a local sports bar went horribly wrong.

Ken’s Sports and Karaoke Bar in Metairie had advertised an “It’s In The Bag” event for game night with several specials, asking fans to bring a bag to cover their heads “if the Saints don’t bag the Ravens!”

“When the Saints couldn’t stop that 4th and 20 play, we knew what’s coming this season. So, we told everyone to put their bags on, it’s gonna be an ‘Aint’s’ season!” said bar manager Alice Lewis.

That’s when the trouble started. Lewis said nearly every patron put a plastic bag on their heads — not a paper one as expected.

“They began passing out almost immediately. Some of them were turning blue. So we called 911.”

According to EMS, most of the patrons told them they assumed ‘bag’ meant plastic.

“They’re Millennials — plastic bags are all they’ve seen,” said EMS medic Richard Guillory at the scene. “Some didn’t believe me when I told them that bags were once made of paper.”

According to local hospitals, all of the injured are expected to survive.