Spirit Halloween now open in carcasses of stores that didn’t make it

Spirit Halloween, an annual pop-up store for Halloween costumes, accessories, decorations, and groups of bored teenagers who will annoy the ever-living crap out of you, is now open inside the remains of a barely cold Metairie Bed Bath & Beyond.

A resident of Metairie for over 30 years, the Bed Bath & Beyond of 4410 Veterans Boulevard had been on life support for several years before it finally succumbed in July 2023 to a variety of ailments. Spirit Halloween quickly swooped in on the remains.

Though Bed Bath & Beyond’s carcass measures a massive 143,999 square feet, Spirit sliced, carved, and bound a small portion off for its monstrous showroom to display thousands of spellbinding items.

“We’ve got eye of newt, and toe of frog, wool of bat, and tongue of dog, Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting, Lizard’s leg, and owlet’s wing — charms to cause powerful trouble, and boil and bubble like a broth of hell. Whatever you want, we’ve got it. Your Halloween starts… and ends… here,” store manager Robert Walton said laughing manaically.

Halloween enthusiasts are thrilled the popular Halloween superstore took possession of the decaying Bed Bath & Beyond.

“I absolutely love going to Spirit and was so happy to see they’re putting some life back into it (Bed Bath & Beyond),” said local Sally Hardesty who is actually excited to wear makeup for a change. “Some people might call me a witch, but I tell you what, that area around Clearview Mall is a nightmare because there are so many people and I truly, honestly hate people.”

According to Parish records, Spirit Halloween is spreading as it has also burrowed into the husk of a Tuesday Morning in Gretna at 64 Westbank Expressway, the carcass of a Big Lots in Elmwood at 1002 South Clearview Parkway, and the remains of a CVS at 101 David Drive in Metairie.

To draw in more kids and better appeal to families, Spirit said it hopes to have Frankenstein on hand every October weekend to take pictures with customers. However, Walton noted he is still waiting to hear back from Bill Cassidy’s assistant about the senator’s availability.

“We’re constantly searching for ways to amplify the excitement of Halloween and bring the spirit to more people in more places,” said Walton. “So, if you happen to know a large business that hasn’t been doing too well lately, please contact us through the medium of your choice.”

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