Count on Payton’s SD-40 any given Sunday

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton's SD-40Don Kiebels

When your team just isn’t running like it should, reach for some SD-40.

A product of Payton Systems, SD-40 (Saints Defense-40) gives struggling teams new life and focused units greater resolve.

SD-40 is a professional-grade football lubricant that has over 2,000 uses, including reinvigorating stalled offenses, opening passing lanes, re-establishing poor running games, reducing pressure, building confidence, and turning average players into superstars.

Studies show the product is also highly effective for turning around any team’s own struggling defense.

Originally developed during the 2012 season for coaches and players on the hot seat, SD-40 is now used by all teams and personnel throughout the NFL. Each application of SD-40 to an NFL game guarantees at least 40 points to its user when utilized.

When the going gets tough, SD-40 gets you going. Rely on it any given Sunday.

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton's SD-40