NFL fines New Orleans for Ronnie Lamarque TV commercials

Professional Football

The NFL today announced it has fined the city of New Orleans 500 cool points for allowing Ronnie Lamarque Television commercials to be broadcast during Saints games, which dates back at least four football seasons, and has banned the spots from airing during future games.

“We were pretty clear in 2010 when we said the city had to put an end to the music videos and Ronnielogues. We hoped they’d police themselves,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “But the City turned a blind eye to the situation and further allowed Ronnielogues 2.0 and then a new commercial for this season where Ronnie shrieks a classic Saints song. The league had to put its foot down.”

Dubbed “Ronniegate” by the media, the NFL came down quickly on New Orleans to set an example. One local resident was quick to point out their lack of control over the situation.

“Look, we don’t make the commercials, sign the contracts or put those things on TV. We’re just scapegoats for the NFL wanting to avoid any association with them. It’s ridiculous. This fine knocks our cool factor down to the level of an Atlanta or Charlotte, and that’s just unacceptable,” said local Avery Landry.

Although, other locals like Uptown resident Darrell Thomas can appreciate the NFL’s stance.

“I get their point. I really do. I leave the room whenever Lamarque commercials come on or else I might hurt someone. I was worried my kids might have to witness those commercials and experience the Ronslaught I already deal with,” said Thomas.

“If they need to remove all those commercials and make an example out of us so people and kids in the future will be safer, so be it. I can live with that.”

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