New Orleans Saints in hot pursuit of Rex Ryan

The grass always appears greener on the other side. Just days after the conclusion of its season the New Orleans Saints are reportedly in hot pursuit of former Jets head coach Rex Ryan, who was fired on December 29th after six years with New York.

According to an NFL general manager speaking on the condition of anonymity, Rex Ryan, twin brother of current Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, is dominating the attention of Saints coach Sean Payton.

Rob Ryan’s fate with the team is still unclear after he followed up his remarkable top 5 defensive showing his first year by fielding one of the worst units in the NFL this season.

“Ever since Rex slimmed down in 2012 the Saints have had their eyes on him and wanted him, badly. But for the last six years his heart has been with the Jets,” the general manager said.

“Then Rob was on the rebound from Dallas following the 2013 season and the Saints swooped in to get their hands on any Ryan they could, thinking they could change Rob into their own sexy Rexy.”

While the Saints initially felt they could be happy with Rob long-term, they reportedly began to wonder if they had committed to the right Ryan once it appeared the Jets would breakup with Rex after this season concluded.

“They’re twins, but they clearly aren’t identical. Over the years Rob has let himself go and the Saints just don’t know if the passion between them is still there, or really if it was even there to begin with,” said the general manager.

Sources say Payton knew after his and Rob’s summer getaway to the Greenbrier this summer that their relationship wasn’t going to last unless something changed.

Payton allegedly hasn’t liked any of Rob Ryan’s Instagram selfies since Week 3 of the season, putting the Silver Fox on the defensive for more than three months.

NFL Media Insider Ian Shittstirrer reports league sources have told him that Payton may approach Rex this week after a planned romantic dinner at Galatoire’s, horse carriage ride through the French Quarter and Hurricanes on Pat O’s patio.

“You’ve seen Sean and Rob on the sidelines. They’re arguing more and they’ve stopped growing together — well, Sean has — and now communicate only through texting,” said Shittstirrer.

Shittstirrer added that Saints assistant coach Joe Vitt will likely be on hand to keep Falcons owner Arthur Blank busy while Payton makes his move. Blank reportedly is looking to get together with Rex and pop the coaching question within the next two to three weeks.

“Who knows, maybe Sean hires them both on as co-defensive coordinators. He’ll get the best of both worlds. And twinnns.”