New Orleans runs out of available dates for new festivals

New Orleans runs out of available dates for new festivals

New Orleans is known for letting the good times roll but that may soon be coming to an end, at least for new festivals.

According to a statement issued today by the city’s permits department, the events calendar for New Orleans is now completely booked with no additional room available for new festivals.

“It took 4,761 phone call transfers and filling out 388 forms, but I got the last New Orleans festival permit this afternoon,” Arlo Mateo, founder of the upcoming Festival Fest, said.

Though some festival organizers, such as Erica Long, are highly disappointed to hear the news.

Erica Long, the founder of Bald Mayors of New Orleans Fest, was unable to get a permit due to no more open days in the city for holding the event. Her festival is now postponed indefinitely.

“Here we are ready to launch Bald Mayors of New Orleans Fest, and just like that it’s over,” Long said. “What are we going to do? No permit, no festival.”

Jennifer Willard, founder of One-Way Streets Fest, another event now in limbo, decided to shut down operations indefinitely in light of the news, stating: “Sure, it’s discouraging. But I’m more upset for all the one-way street lovers out there. We finally were going to get to honor and celebrate one-way streets like they so rightfully deserve, and now it’s all just a pipe dream.”

While many would-be event organizers remain stunned, city officials note it may not be all gloom and doom for those on the waiting list.

“Almost all dates are open and available on the Westbank of New Orleans,” city permits department spokesperson Erin McWilliams said.

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