Mary Landrieu promises to give supporters “one additional hour of life”

Don Kiebels

Senator Mary Landrieu (D) reportedly is set to make a bold move amid elections.

To underscore her longtime commitment to the people of Louisiana, the senator promises to give undecided voters and her supporters one additional hour of life. The gifting is scheduled for November 2, 2014.

When the clock hits 2:00 am on Sunday, November 2, the time will instantly move back one hour to 1:00 am, according to Landrieu spokesman Jon Phibbs, giving every undecided person and supporter of the senator an extra hour of life.

“After the government took the hour away last March, Mary felt it was her duty to fight for Louisiana and return that hour to the people. It’s like she’s Robin Hood,” said Phibbs.

Landrieu, who could not be reached for comment, was shown in a recent poll to be trailing challenger Bill Cassidy (R) in the race for state senator and creepiness.