Man sues woman for impregnating him with the flu

Man sues woman for impregnating him with flu - New Orleans news - Neutral Ground NewsmhougeCurry Roberts was devastated after going to the doctor and finding out his flu test had come back positive.

A Kenner man has filed a lawsuit against a woman for impregnating him with the flu.

Curry Roberts, 32, said co-worker Kristy McCall was “out of control” and “flaunting her fluids everywhere” until being told to go home by the office’s manager after receiving complaints.

Roberts filed the lawsuit in Orleans Parish and accuses McCall of “forcing her infirmity on him without his consent, ultimately leading him to become with flu.” The suit demands McCall be culpable for flu support.

Rafael Allred, Roberts’ attorney, said his client was devastated after going to the doctor this past weekend and finding out his test had come back positive.

“My client had not been feeling well so he went to the doctor to get checked out and that’s when he got the news,” said Allred, noting that Roberts did not want the flu, at least not at this point in his life.

“He had so many plans for this weekend, but that is all going to change now so he can focus on taking care of his growing sickness.”

Janice Aucoin, Executive Director of The Southern Research Lab & Hunting Gear, says lawsuits citing “flu support” are on the rise this year, primarily among men who do not have a wife or girlfriend.

“This [demanding flu support] appears to prevalent among single men with no one to care for them, though the numbers from those in relationships are growing, and they all literally think they are dying,” Aucoin said.

“Our studies show that one of the most dreaded phrases a woman will ever hear in her lifetime is a man saying, ‘I think I’m getting sick.’ The very idea of flu support takes it an eye-rolling step further.”

Roberts’ attorney dismissed Aucoin’s claims, calling her statement “insensitive and harmful.”

“Let’s be clear, my client is a victim. Aside from being extremely taxing on both the body and mind, it can be very costly having flu in this day and age. He was not ready for this situation but he accepts it and wishes his co-worker would own up to her role in creating it. You know, it takes at least two to flu.”

Despite these allegations, Traveler Today magazine named New Orleans the most romantic city for contracting Ebola.