Louisiana Legislature sets new social distancing rules for bribery, other corruption

Neutral Ground News - New Orleans News - SatireDon Kiebels

With the opening of the Louisiana Legislature earlier this week in Baton Rouge, Speaker of the House Clay Schexnayder has instituted new rules to help prevent the spread of Wuhan coronavirus among Legislators, staff, and lobbyists at the Capitol.

Until further notice, members of the Louisiana Legislature cannot accept a bribe, or football tickets, or hookers, or anything else of illicit value from anyone less than six feet away or who is not wearing a mask. In addition, anyone wanting to offer a fringe benefit to a legislator will have to wait in line in the heat on the Capitol steps, as only 20 people at a time will be allowed in to corrupt an elected official. Smooth-talking oil and energy lobbyists, as well as those with pre-existing conditional agreements, are obviously precluded from the restrictions.

The rules initially were met with vast approval by the six Legislators doing their jobs and maintained the momentum once Schexnayder sent a text alert memo to those loafing from home.

Because of the expected backlog, the food delivery service ‘WAITR’ has opened ‘LAUNDER-R’ to deliver bribes and other items directly to members of the Louisiana Legislature at their legislative apartments, or to the home of their girlfriend or boyfriend in Spanishtown.