Lakefront ad campaign wants young people to come back and come often

New Orleans Lakefront: Where life begins!Don Kiebels

The Orleans Parish Levee Board has launched a new advertising campaign to help recapture the Lakefront’s former reputation as a hot-spot for the City’s young people. The awareness campaign aims to lure young adults back on weekends to the City’s linear park on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain.

The new ‘THE LAKEFRONT: WHERE LIFE BEGINS’ campaign will focus heavily on social media, indie radio stations, coffee houses, and hookah bars. The campaign harkens back to the Lakefront’s glory days and aims to build its reputation among a demographic that has largely disregarded it, according to Levee Board President Benedick Balfour.

“If you were born between 1955 and 1985, there is a 50 percent chance you were conceived within 100 feet of the seawall. That doesn’t happen anymore. We want young people to come back and come often. Watch the ‘submarine races’ again.”

Chevette Wilson, a mother of two young adults, likes the idea.

“I was made at the lake. My momma even named me after my Dad’s car. I think those traditions must be passed on, and this is a great start.”

Though, Chevette’s kids aren’t impressed.

“They want me to go outside, let alone to the Lakefront? Have they seen outside? Yeah, okay,” said 17-year-old Civic as she rolled her eyes down to her iPhone.

Her 19-year-old brother, Tahoe, agreed.

“What she said.”

Balfour knows the Levee Board is facing a significant challenge in attracting young people back to the Lakefront but feels the campaign will breakthrough once phase two is unveiled.

“In a few months, we plan on adding a fleur-de-lis or two somewhere. That should really catch some eyeballs.”