Investigation into The Repeal of Net Neutrality Reveals Corruption, Backdoor Deals

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New report documents proof, details actions of the controversial move

(NEW ORLEANS) — The investigative department of Neutral Ground News released a report today citing alarming evidence of widespread government misconduct and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) paying officials in secret meetings leading up to the FCC’s repeal of Net Neutrality.

The report, complete with proof, outlines findings and recommendations to help the citizens better understand what occurred behind closed doors and why decisions were made.

The investigative report details witness accounts describing the behavior of FCC officials, congressional members, and ISP executives heading into the vote on Net Neutrality’s fate as well as examines a growing conspiracy said to ultimately lead to limiting the public’s access to information and increase profits for corporations.

“Our investigative reporters work to ensure that everyone is playing by the same rules and acting in the interest of the people, especially those fat cats in D.C. who seem to live in a different world, and this report of a Net Neutrality conspiracy shows some alarming proof that that hasn’t been the case,” said Don Kiebels, the editor-in-chief of Neutral Ground News.

“Neutral Ground News is committed to uncovering and expanding upon the truth and we’ll hold feet or any available body part to the fire to get and expose it.”

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