NGN Weird Al Tickets + Meet & Greet Giveaway

If you haven’t been polkaing around the city’s calendar lately, consider this your “save the date.”

Every not-right-in-the-head person in the New Orleans area is gathering for a group meeting at the Saenger Theatre on June 13th and the world famous “Weird Al” Yankovic will be calling everyone to disorder.

In a shocking twist of what we can only assume is baffling identity confusion, Neutral Ground News has somehow found a way to partner with our muse Weird Al to bring you the opportunity of a lifetime!

Accordioningly, we are hosting a random drawing where one (1) lucky winner will win a pair of tickets in artist reserved seating at the Saenger to Weird Al’s upcoming Strings Attached performance in New Orleans that ALSO includes a five-minute meet and greet after the show with the starchitect himself of the rock and comedy symphonic experience!


Al is back to playing the hits and classics for this tour, with his usual big production – costumes, props, video wall – supported by his band, background singers, and… a full symphony orchestra!


How do I enter this weird giveaway?

Scroll a little further down, fill in the requested information (name, email, zip code), and click the “Enter”  button.

Then, the more you share this contest the greater chance you have at getting your grubby little hands on these tickets. So share, share, share! Oh, and be sure to use the hashtag #NOLAGetsWeirder!


Being the lucky winner probably won’t change your life or the person you bring with you, or get rid of that burning feeling that you should really get checked by a doctor but it will give you memories for a lifetime (Weird Al!) and officially make you a certified winner in our books, and isn’t that all anyone really wants?

If you would rather just purchase some tickets to the show instead of participating in the giveaway and crush our delicate egos, click here.